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Beekman Tower's Night Lights, Thor Caught in Gay Marriage Crossfire

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FIDI?"I wanted to share a view from my office window," a Curbed reader writes, before pondering: "What will the finished Beekman Tower look like at night?" Ask Gehry, he probably already has a punchline for that question. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CONEY ISLAND?It's a good thing Coney Island landowner Joe Sitt sold out to the city, because we don't want any trouble for Shoot the Freak! A group billed as Defeat New York State Senator Carl Kruger in 2010 is on the warpath against Kruger for voting against the gay marriage bill in Albany, and the group's leader writes: "I am doing research into the 'Friends of Carl' Fund and have uncovered $20,000 in donations this year alone from Joseph and Betty Sitt of Thor Equities...Please contact Mr. Sitt and ask him if he will continue to support Mr. Kruger after the 'no' vote on Marriage Equality. Tell him that the gay community will boycott any companies that donate to Kruger." [CurbedWire Inbox]