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UWS Multifamily Comes With Air Mattress For The Hippies

Welcome back to Tuesday Townhouse: A look at a new-to-market townhouse that is rocking our world. Since we were already on the Upper West Side, we stayed put.

Our eyes don't usually stray toward multi-family listings, but when we saw the pyschedelic air mattress in this townhouse, we couldn't look away. (Really. We tried.) The 6,000-square-foot property at 270 West 91st Street is divided into an owner's triplex (above) and three market-rate apartments. Fireplaces: four. Irrigated terraces: two. Comes with or -- for the aspiring single-family-mansioneer -- without tenants, and with an asking price of $4.475 million.

(For other apartments' floorplans, head for the listing.)
· Listing: 270 West 91st Street [Stribling]