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Fordham Forces UWS Condo Residents To Walk Past Trash

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Fordham's controversial 25-year expansion plan sailed through the City Council thanks to a little downsizing and some community support. But some folks on the UWS can't just be happy for Fordham. Residents of the Alfred, the West 61st Street luxury condo surrounded by Fordham on three sides, recently sued to stop the school's expansion plan, which would block Alfred residents' views with 50- or 60-story buildings. Fordham struck back, terminating the 20-year lease that lets Alfred residents cut across its campus using a private walkway. The Alfred residents' lawyer insists that their complaints go beyond views.
"I know the Alfred is going to be tarred as a Nimby," the lawyer tells the Times. "But the interests of the Alfred far, far transcend the limited views or even the inconveniences." How so? When Fordham closes the gate to the path, Alfred inhabitants will lose their shortcut to Lincoln Center. Instead, they'll have to walk along Amsterdam Avenue, past their building's trash pickup point. Fordham has promised to give the Alfred residents a new path, but that path appears nowhere on the master plan the city approved. Stay tuned: this could get stinky!
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