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Win Enough Real Estate Data to Torture a Broker!

Our season of handouts continues today with quite the 1-2 punch: complimentary one-year memberships to PropertyShark and StreetEasy, the bibles of real estate research. Not that the two sites need any introduction (we sure as heck link 'em enough), but home-shoppers, home-sellers and the merely home-curious can waste thousands of hours digging around on PropertyShark and StreetEasy, and paid subscribers get even more fun stuff to play with?like price histories and recorded sales, and in the Shark's case some deep research into things like sales comparables, foreclosure listings, interactive maps and building photos. Retail value: hundreds! Here's what we're asking you to do: Find us the worst real estate listing in New York. "Worst" is open to interpretation: Terrible photos? Senseless brokerbabble? Outright lies? All of the above? Send the link to the listing to (subject: Worst Listing) and tell us why it stinks. We'll pick two favorites and give one subscription to each winner. The deadline for entry is tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec. 9) at 11:59 p.m. Happy searching!
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