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Best Building of the Decade Not A Building, But Symbolic

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New York Magazine tackles the '00s this week, and the best building on architecture critic Justin Davidson's list is not a building at all. It's the TKTS Booth. Not only does the building structure have "the feel of a load-bearing hologram," it's also handily symbolic: "The little raked red piazza slung over the shoulders of the new TKTS booth is a work of exuberant uselessness and brilliant urbanism. At once humble and flashy, it distills the theatrical urge that electrified architecture in the last decade." Davidson also crowns the Perry Street Towers, the interior of the Bloomberg headquarters, the Hearst Tower, the New Museum, and the IAC headquarters with the best/most theatrical of the '00s label. (Most of the buildings also appeared on our best of the decade and not quite best enough lists. Consensus!) Like the TKTS booth, these buildings do double duty as structure and metaphor. Richard Meier's Perry Street Towers didn't just begin the aughts' glassplosion, they "pried glass free from its associations with commerce and made it stand for a quintessentially urban lifestyle." Gotta be honest: we just kinda liked the way they looked.
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