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A Manhattanville Building That Has Nothing To Do With Columbia

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Not all is doom and gloom in the industrial patch of West Harlem known as Manhattanville, where the looming Columbia University expansion threatens?minus a hiccup?to level much of the neighborhood and replace it with shiny monuments to academia. Would you believe there's new construction going on right now? Blog Harlem Bespoke brings word of a small and unique commercial space right under the tracks on West 125th Street, a "modernist cube which has been constructed with various surface textures that incorporate glass, stainless steel panels and retro, 60's fireplace-looking staggered brick (constructed from wood blocks)." So what is it?

Good question! Harlem Bespoke has a theory and one recommended use for the space:

We are assuming this is city owned property since there aren't any building permits in sight and the work has been in progress for over a year now. The interior is completely unfinished dry walls at this point. In our opinion, a river view coffee house would look great here since the west windows face the West Harlem Piers and the the Hudson River.Check out some close-up shots. Interesting!

· Introducing: Manhattanville's Newest Building [Harlem Bespoke]