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Watch the Harlem Market Decline in Real Time

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The listing bills this as the "Quintessential Townhouse of Hamilton Heights," and its pricing history is also a pretty Quintessential snapshot of the Harlem real estate market these days. When we first checked in on this townhouse back in January, the 117-year-old, 6,000-square-foot pad was notable for both its over-the-top interior (with, among other things, that chandelier over the hot tub) and its price tag of $4 million. Almost a full year later, the listing photos are still wacky, but the price has been trimmed to $2,999,999. The latest chop, a tiny $295,000 one, came yesterday, but the price has been falling in steady increments all year. It's at the point where it's actually a little saddening, so let's end it here: what are 10 bedrooms and a screening room in Hamilton Heights really worth?
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