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Carroll Gardens Still Not Totally Excited About Preservation

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Today the Daily News turns its attention to the ungrammatical preservation feud brewing in Carroll Gardens. The city has been considering enlarging the Carroll Gardens HIstoric District, and while long-time residents are mostly pleased, neighborhood newbies are not. To represent the rarely heard from anti-landmarking contingent, the Daily News chooses a character, er, local resident named Butch Mule. As Butch puts it: "I bought my house under the pretense that I can do what I want to it - inside and outside." There's also the cost issue. Windows, staircases, gates and other features with a Landmarks-approved 19th-century appearance are more expensive than the run-of-the-mill modern day stuff, and some say the costs could mean more blue-collar residents will leave the neighborhood. The Landmarks commission says it's only in the early stages of reviewing the potential change, so we'll probably be hearing both sides of this one for a while.
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