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Lincoln Center is Wetter Than Ever

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As if things weren't wet enough, those playful kids at Lincoln Center have now filled the reconstructed reflecting pool in the North Plaza, leaving Henry Moore's sculpture of a Reclining Figure at sea, overseen by a swath of green. This is part of the big facelift for the cultural campus as envisioned by architects Diller, Scofidio + Renfro, and the reflecting waters are a welcome change from the scarred earth that has been seen since work began nearly three years ago.

The recomposed pool offers an optical illusion, giving the surface an appearance of sloping. Rising above the glossy plane is the fully sodded roof of the upcoming Hypar Restaurant (genesis: Hyperbolic Paraboloid?look for a May opening). The overlook on top appears to be a prime spot for cannonballs, which aren't suggested since the waters beneath are barely 1' deep. Down below on West 65th Street an orange glass entryway is going in and, a bit to the west, a big floating canopy reaches across the sidewalk. On the southern side of Lincoln Center, along Columbus and West 63rd Street, a new plaza has gone in with lots of trees, planters of low-lying moss and slabs of black stone for sitting. All the transformational pieces are finally coming together.
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