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Curbed PriceChopper: Harlem's Fifth Avenue Less Rhapsodic

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The church-to-condos conversion at Harlem's 2056 Fifth Avenue?called Rhapsody on Fifth in a previous life?suffered a round of price cuts back in August, but heck, it's not like market conditions have improved since the summer. And so, in a move that will surely please Gawker's cartographers, 2056 Fifth is back for another run-in with the Chopper. All 12 available listings have been hit, per StreetEasy, and the cuts run deep: the units now average $590 per square foot. On top of the PriceChopping, the developer is also picking up the tab for six months' worth of common charges. Who knows, they might even toss in a few Hail Marys for you as well.
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