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On the Racked: Jefferson Market Going Gristedes, Houston Street Suddenly Less Sexy, More!

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Greenwich Village: Iconic local gourmet grocer Jefferson Market has indicated that it would reopen (above) following a shock shuttering, and it will reopen?as a Gristedes. Will, it'll keep the Jefferson Market name and signage, but we know who's pulling the strings.

2) Grand Central: Commuters may soon have a slew of new shopping options to help kill time in Grand Central Station, because there are leases galore to be had. Early candidates: M.A.C. Cosmetics, a West Village jeweler and a high-end stationary boutique.

3) Tribeca: Tribecans impacted by the recession won't have to go far for their, uh, gently used clothing. Do-gooding chainlet Housing Works is setting up shop in the 'hood.

4) Noho: The always racy Calvin Klein billboard on Houston Street is decidedly...less racy this time around. Do the kids cover up in troubled times? We'll have to watch Gossip Girl to find out.

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