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Renovation of Battery Park Pier Suffers New Setback

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The long-stalled plan to renovate Battery Park's Pier A into a ferry terminal and tourist hub got a nice push when the Battery Park City Authority assumed control over the 124-year-old pier and made big promises about the project. A plan was supposed to be in place by May, with completion set for 2011, but according to the Battery Park Broadsheet, the National Park Service has now dropped the plan to relocate the Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty ferries to the building. Not ready to admit that the move might be a deathblow, the Battery Park City Authority has hired a retail consultant to figure out what sort of business would work in the space. Are there ventures out there looking to sign long leases on crumbling historic structures in this market? Unclear, but there was that high-end greenmarket idea for the nearby Battery Maritime Building that wound up on the cutting room floor.
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Pier A

4 Battery Place, New York, NY