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Info Center Brings Touchscreen Madness to Times Square

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[Photos by Albert Vecerka/Esto]

Just opened in Times Square: the NYC Information Center, where tourists can create itineraries and learn all about the city. Before they actually walk around the city! Designed by Weisz+Yoes—they of the Taj Mahal of Salt— in collaboration with info designers Local Projects, the project features 5 touch tables where visitors virtually map out their visits. Above each table is a giant i, which will be visible from the street once the building's scaffolding is down. The base of the i changes color to match the screen color below (which changes to show off a particular topic, like sights, entertainment events, and so on. Dizzy yet?). Indeed, this isn't your normal tourist information kiosk with ratty pamphlets lying around. In fact, there are no printouts: visitors create a custom guidebook that's emailed to them, or sent directly to an iPhone—proving once again that New York is truly the best city to surf the internet in.
· Weisz+Yoes Architects [Weis+Yoes]
· Local Projects [Local Projects]