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Adventures in Marketing: More Apartments Hit eBay

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Back in October, a studio apartment at Lower Manhattan's Downtown Club went up for grabs on eBay with a starting bid of $529,000. It didn't sell, and the apartment is still listed through a brokerage, though at a reduced price of $499K. The failure of such gimmickry, however, has not deterred others from giving the strategy a whirl, and so UrbanDigs points us to a pair of apartments now also being offered on eBay by a group of Elliman brokers. One, a small two-bedroom co-op in the East Village, has a bid in place at $350,000 (the seller?), but is asking $425,000 on the Elliman website. The other, an equally tiny one-bedroom co-op in Hell's Kitchen, has a starting bid price of $325,000, and is asking $365,000 on the Elliman site.
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