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Hipsters Back In The Pool: New McCarren Park Pool Images!

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Williamsburg's hippest hipster retreat, the McCarren Park Pool, closed for concerts at the end of last summer to make way for a remake back into... a pool. When last we left the plans, architects Rogers Marvel promised a new diving pool and a "resorty" look with umbrellas and tables. Per these, new renderings from the architects dropped by PoolAid into the hands of Gowanus Lounge, looks like a promise kept—well, except for the diving pool. But hey, "resorty" look, check!

And there's new hotness: per PoolAid, "The diving pool can’t be done at this time so they are going to fill it in with dirt, then put sand on top of the dirt and make it into a volleyball court." Most amazingly, funding's still in place; opening planned for 2011. More architectural details and images at Da Lounge.
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