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510 Madison Avenue Fire: In Progress & Aftermath

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While not as spectacular as the fire that decimated Dutch starchitect Rem Koolhaas's Mandarin Oriental hotel in Beijing, the blaze late Monday night at the under-construction office tower at 510 Madison Avenue was at least closer to home. The Post's Lois Weiss reports today that a Macklowe Properties spokesperson said the fire was electrical, and an engineer has declared the property "structurally sound." Still, there is significant damage to the 30-story tower's base, including plenty of blown-out curtain wall and melted mullions. Only two tenants have signed in for space in the building, and build-outs were scheduled to begin next month.

We dispatched Curbed photographer Will Femia to get some fresh shots of the scene at Madison and 53rd this morning, and the results are presented above. Also in the gallery, some dramatic camera-phone shots from a Curbed tipster who happened by the building while it was still up in flames.
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510 Madison Avenue

510 Madison Avenue, New York, NY