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Holy Beekman! Frank Gehry's Heavy Metal Revealed

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[Photo: Gehry Partners]

To say that we've been eagerly awaiting our first real-life look at Frank Gehry's rippling steel would be the understatement of the year. And yet, we were completely caught by surprise this morning when we finally got that first look, in an article Software! Today's Times has a story on the computer geekery developed by Gehry to help control costs on the starchitect's gargantuan piles of crazy?a list that includes the Beekman Tower, his 76-story rental building under construction near City Hall. Gehry Partners provided the Times with a photo of the steel panels that will cover the Beekman's facade, and sure, it's just a mock-up, but explain that to our minds?which were just blown all over our monitors.
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