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CurbedWire: Wind Takes a Toll on Lafayette, More Birds!

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To round things out, another installment of CurbedWire, our daily dish of the gossip, rumor, and innuendo that didn't find its way onto Curbed earlier today. Got something we should know? Email us at; anonymity guaranteed, as always.

NOHO—The wind! The wind! It just isn't a good mix for the protective cordon around one of our favorite pieces of advertecture, the Noho iPod Tower, as seen in the above photograph snapped by a tipster this afternoon on Lafayette Street. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS—Following yesterday's CurbedWire shots of the hawk of Madison Square Park, blog Origin of Species snaps a bunch of terrific photos of neighborhoood birds (right). Color: "Courtship displays can be seen high over Morningside, with hawks, peregrines and redtails all sharing the same airspace. On Sunday I witnessed the Cathedral Pair courting on the stiff wind, and then an aborted copulation attempt!" Do click on through for more. [Origin of Species]