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On the Racked: Bowery Goes Green (And It's Not from Drinking Bum Wine)

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The latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Bowery: Looking for one of the largest non-hotel signs of the changing Bowery? An old YMCA at Prince Street has been turned into the Green Depot (above), a massive eco-friendly home supplies store that's part Home Depot, part Whole Foods and all-around gentrifiriffic.

2) Chelsea: Economists looking for signs of a strengthening economy should probably use Racked's coverage of the epic Barneys Warehouse Sale as a visual aid.

3) West Village: Attention Village business owners forced out by a double whammy of rent increases and recession-era gloom: this is how you say goodbye!

4) Bryant Park Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow, meaning hordes of fashionistas and hangers-on will make Midtown a living hell. Or maybe not? "The whole runway concept now is almost passé." Meow!

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