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Upper West Side SHOCKER: Historic Church Nears End Times?

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The Upper West Side has long been embroiled in a battle over the redevelopment plans of the 116-year-old West-Park Presbyterian Church at the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 86th Street, the latest in a long line of wacky plans being a 21-story apartment building sprouting from the preserved main sanctuary. Or maybe church elders will instead opt for total annihilation. Preservation group Landmark West! has issued this urgent e-mail:

Neighbors of the red-sandstone historic gem anchoring the northeast corner of West 86th Street and Amsterdam Avenue have recently observed workers removing pieces of West-Park's interior. More than one worker confirmed that the building is being readied for demolition.There's a slightly confusing trail of information on the DOB's website.
For one, there's a recent denied permit for an SLCE Architects-designed 21-story tower, an approved permit for interior demolition, and a lingering stop work order from 2008. Adding to the intrigue, SLCE's website is currently down (OK, so maybe that has nothing to do with anything). Landmark West! is urging its followers to contact the Landmarks Preservation Commission and beg for an emergency public hearing into the building's current non-landmark status.
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