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CurbedWire: Cooper U. Full Reveal, Historic Church Responds

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THE BOWERY?Yesterday our world was rocked when workers started to affix the Cooper Union name to the awning on its new mindfuck of an academic building. Today, the full reveal, albeit still partially wrapped in blue protective film. Click through the gallery for FULL COOPER UNION SIGN BLOWOUT COVERAGE. [CurbedWire Staff]

UWS?A spokesman for the West-Park Presbyterian Church sent out a statement to clear up the demolition rumors that circulated yesterday: "Landmark West's February 10th 'Alert' regarding West Park Presbyterian Church is inaccurate. Here are the facts: On January 31st, church officials discovered a broken water pipe in the Church House. The Church's insurance company determined that the pipe broke due to age. The Church's insurance company retained a contractor to removed drywall and other parts of the interior that suffered water damage in order to prevent the spread of mold. The Department of Buildings approved this work." Phew! [CurbedWire Inbox]