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Construction Watch: On Sixth Avenue, 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad

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From high above 31st Street in the Epic rental tower, a Curbed tipster sends an update on the pair of new Sixth Avenue skyscrapers that have managed to survive?Tower 111 and the future Kimpton hotel/condo at 835 Sixth Avenue. When last we checked in on Tower 111, a 47-story office building from architect Costas Kondylis, foundation excavation was in full swing. Now, our tipster says the digging is complete and the concrete is a-flowin'. That's it above, with a glimpse of Greeley Square and the subway exit we come out of when going to Knicks games. Meanwhile, two blocks south, the 53-story Kimpton is a hive of activity. See it rise, after the jizzump.

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