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Ask Curbed: Northside Piers Broke Our Brains

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In the wake of massive PriceChopping, a resident of Williamsburg's Northside Piers writes: "What the current unit owners have decided to do (since they are a 60% majority and control the board) is that any new tenants that come under the new price cuts will have an increased maintenance cost of 40%. This should make it cheaper for current owners and help offset the discount that the new units received." Folks, we've thought long and hard and have come up with no other recent examples of similar action, so in an Ask Curbed first, the question is our own: Is this legal? [Northside Piers coverage] UPDATE 4PM: A rep from developer Toll Brothers emails Curbed, "The post today regarding the building raising maintenance by 40% on new buyers is a complete fabrication. First, the building is still under control of the sponsor. Second, it is not legal to discriminate with regard to common charges." [Curbed Inbox]

Northside Piers

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