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Calvin Klein Set to Slay Southampton's Dragon

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Dragon's Head, the 55,000-square-foot Southampton mansion known as Elysium before a tax cheat bought it in 1979 and broke "almost every zoning law in the book" (Forbes' words) by renovating and enlarging the structure beyond all recognition, will soon face its mightiest adversary yet?the wrecking ball. Newsday reports that the village's Architectural Review Board has cleared the way for current owner Calvin Klein to tear down the former DuPont estate (before it was a fantasy castle) and build an "inoffensive" smaller mansion. The home sits on 10 acres of beachfront Meadow Lane land, hence its astronomical value. Real estate megadeveloper Aby Rosen, who lives next door, told the paper a "more scaled (down) and refined property, will help our neighborhood improve aesthetically." Perhaps, but where will the villagers now seek refuge when the dragons attack? Shortsighted fools!
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