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Greenpoint Loft Buyers Want Slaughterhouse to Pluck Itself

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What came first, the chickens or the condos? In the case of Greenpoint's Canvas Lofts and its next-door neighbor, New Lee's Live Poultry Market, the answer is our feathered friends. But wouldn't you know it, the new residents at 118 Greenpoint Avenue (four units have closed at prices averaging $735/ft) are not so pleased about the sights, sounds and smells of death emanating from the slaughterhouse. Imagine how the chickens feel! One buyer told the Times over the weekend, "As the area develops and becomes more residential, things have to change." Yeesh, Fiddy never complained! An executioner shot back, "You can't expect you come in and we move out." Eh, yes they can. Rumor has it the fear factory will soon be gone.
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