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On the Market: $20 Million Loft in the East Village (Really!)

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Do take in the Palazzo Chupi-like scene pictured above, because that's the only glimpse currently available into a photographer's East Village loft, new to market at an asking price of $19.95 million. Before you chastise the man for such 2006ish thinking, we'll let the Observer's Max Abelson point out some highlights of the 6,750-square-foot space (w/ 800sf of outdoor space!): "The former concert hall, apparently 42 feet at its crown, looks like some sort of Victorian train station, but with aboriginal spears and an Indian daybed plunked nowhere in particular, and, on the far wall, one of [the photographer's] gargantuan, soft-hearted, sepia-toned photographs of a boy and an elephant kneeling together." Read on for more fun facts, including a ceiling lined with teabags! The owner paid $6 million for the condo just over four years ago, but this isn't some hollow cash grab; he says he'll use the proceeds to fund his global photography expeditions?and get away from the Cooper Square Hotel, which coincidentally recently opened steps away.
· Listing: 210 East 5th Street [Warburg]
· Photog Colbert's Elephantine Pied-à-Terre, Tea Bags Included, Asking $20 M. [NYO]