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Development Du Jour: 82 University Place (fka Cedar Tavern)

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Location: 82 University Place, Central Village
Size: 6 floor-through units, 1 duplex penthouse w/roofdeck
Prices: 4th Floor: $1.676m; Penthouse: $3.479m
Architect: Garth Hayden
Developer: Michael Diliberto
Sales & Marketing: The Shemesh Group at Elliman
Lowdown: After the late lamented Cedar Tavern resurfaced in the news yesterday, we thought we'd take a look at the new development that now stands at 82 University, the Cedar Tavern's former home. Two units from the seven-unit building hit the market in late January; one, on the fourth floor, covers 1,265 square feet with a $1.676m asking tag. Elliman broker Tamir Shamesh tells us they've gotten an offer on that unit, but at too low a price. Still, he's willing to talk turkey: "We are negotiable in this market, like anyone else." Gobble gobble!

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