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Subway Digging Begins for Project That May Never Exist

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Back in December 2007, when all was sunny and the revitalization of the West Side was a matter of when and not if, Mayor Bloomberg et al. held a ceremonial groundbreaking (right) for the extension of the 7-train to the Hudson Yards development site. Since then, a second planned station at 41st Street and Eleventh Avenues has been canceled, and any sort of progress on Hudson Yards has been delayed at least another year, amongst other doom and gloom that proves the Far West Side is Manhattan's red-headed stepchild. But today, Bloomberg and crew got together again as a 100-ton tunnel boring machine was lowered under Eleventh Avenue near 25th Street, marking the start of excavation work for the 34th Street station. Per the MTA's press release, the $2.1 billion project "will help transform the Hudson Yards vicinity into a vibrant 24-hour neighborhood, containing a mix of commercial, residential, retail, open space and recreational uses." Over/under on that promise: the year 2025.
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