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Reader Rant: FiDi Newcomer Says Free the Sidewalks!

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While more of a gentle chiding than a stinging rebuke, a Financial District resident has still had it up to here (N.B., we are making aggressive hand motions way above our heads) with the FiDi parking practices of some city agencies:

I hate to impose my bourgeois values on a neighborhood I only moved to a year ago, but really... when is sidewalk parking appropriate? There is a serious problem with it in the Financial District, on Maiden Lane in particular. The Post Office, NYPD, and FDNY are by far the worst violators, parking on the sidewalk when open spaces are available across the street. Here is a picture of a friendly neighborhood post-person having lunch on the Maiden Lane sidewalk. I'm sure Maiden Heaven, a locally owned retailer, appreciates the increased exposure that comes with pedestrians pressed up against their glass. UPS and other delivery companies routinely park on the sidewalk also.As the 'hood continues on the path from financial district to financial/residential district, will more quality-of-life complaints come to light?
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