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Two's a Trend: Eat Fresh at 111 Central Park North

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Posh 23rd Street condo building Gramercy by Starck took some heat from tenants and some barbs from Curbed readers when a McDonald's opened in one of its retail spaces (earning the "McStarck" nickname), but as new residential buildings try to fill vacant storefronts in a down economy, expect more of the same. A Curbed tipster fills us in on the latest fast food/luxury condos collabo:

So I was searching for information on a Subway franchise opening on FDB and 116th in Harlem. Entering zip code 10026 into Subway's location finder doesn't bring up any information on that, but it does bring up the following: Opening Soon! 111 Central Park North, Space F, New York NY 10026. Presumably this is going into a smaller section of the 9500 sq ft of ground floor retail."Harlem's record-breaking, street-name-changing blockbuster hawking five-dollar footlongs? At least Jared is better dressed than the Hamburglar.
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111 Central Park North

111 Central Park North, New York, NY 10026