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Starting in Deep Right for the Mets: The Iron Triangle

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With the city's finances on the skids, what will be the fate of the ambitious redevelopment plan at Queens' Willets Point?aka the Iron Triangle? Team Bloomberg has already spent million buying businesses out of the plumbing-free auto shop mecca, and it appears the Mets are still banking (and hoping to make bank) on the eventual steamrolling of the neighborhood. Check out the empty ad slots staring right at the iTri affixed to the new Citi Field. A Curbed tipster weighs in:

With Shea Stadium now gone, onto the next eyesore. The "Iron Triangle" is right outside the Mets' executive offices. The grey billboards are supposed to have advertising, but you can see the issue. The outfield gate empties directly onto it.What, gruff auto body workers aren't a prized advertising demographic?
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