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Car Toast-a-Thon: Upper West Side Crime Spree Edition

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Last Friday, when a Curbed tipster sent us some dramatic photos of a burned-out Volvo on Broadway and 87th Street with what appeared to be a stack of papers placed in the wreckage, we thought, hey, that's weird?save it for the toasted cars file. Little did we know this was a burgeoning Upper West Side arson spree. The Times reports that three similar car fires have occurred over the past two weeks, most recently early Wednesday morning at Central Park West and 105th Street. According to police, rambling notes left at two of the scenes contained references to "mind control," being "sexually disrespected" and complaints about the courts?clearly the work of a disturbed individual, or a rather intense viral marketing campaign for the release of Watchmen (Rorschach's journal, anyone?). Whatever it is, the controversial closure of the Apthorp's parking garage now seems a bit untimely.
· Officials Investigate String of Car Fires Near Central Park [NYT]

UPDATE 10:45 a.m.: WABC reports a suspect holding "flammable liquid" was arrested at 3 a.m. this morning at Central Park West and 83rd Street.