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More From the P.S. 1 Pile: High-Concept Hangover!

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[Renderings: L.E.FT]

Continuing this year's theme of slightly pornographic yet recession-appropriate renderings for the P.S. 1 Young Architects Competition is L.E.FT's entry, The Anatomy Of Pleasure. Taking a more cerebral tack, this team divides P.S. 1's Long Island City courtyard into the Overhang Space (the bar), the Hangover Space (communal bed in a garden), and Smoke Den (an ashtray). Like the rest of L.E.FT's work, the ruthless beauty of the proposal balances out the deep intellect required to get the concept. Don't worry, you don't need to have an advanced graduate degree in architecture to get it. Feel safe knowing you can get drunk, go to the bathroom, have a smoke, and pass out in high-concept architecture?had it been chosen the winner, of course.
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