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Uptown New Development PriceChopper/PriceUpper Double-Dip!

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HARLEM—There's something magical about the sub-$300,000 pricepoint for an apartment in Manhattan, if perhaps only because one might have thought the species had gone extinct for good by 2007. Which is why we take special note that former Development Du Jour Dafina, at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. and 127th Street, now has studios up for grabs in the $200s—like studio apartment 3J, above, which has been reduced from $317,000 to $298,240. The reduction follows fresh reductions across the board in the building, per StreetEasy. Think we'll see takers at these new prices?

UPPER EAST SIDE—While prices fall at Dafina, a different developer is making a gutsy PriceUpper move at The Charles, the dapper new development at First Ave. and 72nd Street that also a Development Du Jour veteran. The listings came on the market last fall, and now sport slightly more gaudy prices, like unit 8A, which is now asking $1,690,000, a $50,000 jump. Location, friends. Say it three times fast.

The Charles

1355 First Avenue, New York, NY