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Tribeca's Glass Atelier Architect Shows Us His Bricks

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Because we simply can't get enough Glass Atelier for one day, we point you to the Tribeca Trib's report on architect Joseph Pell Lombardi's proposed glass houses on Greenwich Street. The Trib clarifies how the six-story loft building currently on the site would be stripped down to its support beams, yet still be invisibleish behind the facade of glass brick (yes, glass bricks):

The building’s entire façade would be made with clear glass bricks, while its steel frame, covered in white concrete to appear "ghost-like," hides in plain sight behind them. The side and rear walls would be made of frosted, glass bricks. Lombardi said the apartment interiors would be obscured by the pitch of the bricks.That's Lombardi up top exhibiting the pitchy effect of the bricks, and, perhaps, threatening Community Board 1 with a bludgeoning if they don't support the thing.
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403 Greenwich Street

403 Greenwich Street, New York, NY