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Real Estate Meltdown, Explained

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Meet Anna Marie van Vliet, a 19-year-old Dutch national spotted by Time Out New York on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. She's a model?and a real estate investor! And she learned from the very best:

What will you do when you get old and lose your looks?
[Laughs] I just started a real-estate business with my boyfriend. We get property for a good price—it’s a lot of searching—and then sell to investors or whoever wants it. What does a little-more-than-19-year-old know about real estate?
Well, I'm learning every step of the way. We’ve been to Trump University for a few seminars—

Wait. Did you say Trump University?
[Laughs] Yeah. It actually exists. I was surprised too.

Aaaaand scene.
· Public Eye [TONY]