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East Village's Once-Gritty Extra Place Getting Paved

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Extra Place, the long-downtrodden alleyway off East 1st Street behind a place once called CBGB's, moves one step closer to its sassy Parisian future as the long-planned paving gets underway. Today, sidewalks; tomorrow, the drive itself, perhaps, though per an email to Avalon Bowery residents forwarded our way by a special Curbed operative, they're a little behind schedule: "In an effort to beautify Extra Place we are pleased to inform you that a new paved drive will be installed on Extra Place beginning Tuesday, February 17th. We anticipate the work will take approximately one week." Chouette!

Now, Avalon's plans for the drive have long called for turning Extra Place into a Parisian-styled "Left Bank" for the East Village, a plan that moved a step closer to unlikely reality last month with the opening of chocolate shop Bespoke. But what of the cobblestones long promised to line the byway? As the Real Deal reported last year:

Five years ago, the city, through its Department of Housing Preservation and Development, put out a request for a proposal for the vacant area. After speaking with the community board, they developed a plan for the alley. The final product will be a cobblestone street lined with plants and landscaping with a focal point at the end of the alley.
Unless the developers mean "paved drive" in the sense of pavé stones, though, we're not holding our breath. Still, tomorrow we'll discover what our God in Avalon has in store.
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