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Open House Report: A Dose of Enlightenment, Scarano Style

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Blogger Pardon Me For Asking visited a weekend open-house at Carroll Gardens' Satori, the enlightenment-touting new building at 340 Bond Street where recent PriceChopping has harshed its mellow and lowered asking prices to $385,000, down from $470,000. It wasn't the Satori's funky exterior or Gowanus Canal-area views that most jumped out at PMFA?but rather, the zoning loophole that turned the building's architect, Robert Scarano, into one of the most sought-after stars of the Brooklyn boom: mezzanine floors.

On the blueprints as "storage space" and not calculated into the building's overall floor-to-area ratio, the zoning-busting half-floors can be converted to living space after the fact, as long as it's kept reasonably hush-hush?though the broker in this case eagerly told the gadfly, "Those storage spaces can be converted into living spaces after the closing." Maybe a bump on the head is to blame?
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