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Construction Watch: Introducing Avenue B's Copper Building

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As mentioned on the Curbed Twitter feed (What, you're not following the Curbed Twitter feed?!), the slow construction at Avenue B and 13th Street?formerly the Roberto Clemente Center community clinic and soon to be an eight-story apartment building from architecture firm the Stephen B. Jacobs Group?is finally showing some skin. The panels being installed on 215 Avenue B look downright...copperish, and there's good reason! The project is now called the Copper Building, per the updated info on the SBJ Group's website. In addition to the copper-colored aluminum panels, the building will have 17 studio, one- and two-bedroom condos accessed via a walled-in Zen garden entrance that happens to be surrounded by the Housing Authority's massive Campos Plaza (OK, so that part's not on the website). No word on when sales kick off, but our metal detectors are activated.
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Copper Building

215 Avenue B, New York, NY