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510 Madison Avenue, Now Flame-Free, Still on Track

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Because the overnight fire that broke out on the building's second floor didn't quite finish the job wasn't as bad as thought, developer Macklowe Properties has announced that its fancy new office building at 510 Madison Avenue is on track for a summer completion. In an open letter to the commercial real estate brokerage community, reported on by Globe St., Billy Macklowe writes that the electrical fire got started in a construction shed on the second floor, resulting in "minor damage" and "the replacement of certain glass panels" on the tower’s base floors, and "minor, cosmetic damage" on floors 7-30. According to Macklowe, the 19th floor has been delivered for the build-out of offices for the building's sole signed tenant, though the DOB website still shows a stop work order in place on the property.
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510 Madison Avenue

510 Madison Avenue, New York, NY