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CurbedWire: UWS Skyline Update, Parking on Pearl, Fordham Neighbors Vow to Fight On

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UPPER UPPER WEST SIDE?A Curbed tipster sends along a new photo of 808 Columbus Avenue, the Columbus Village-anchoring high-rise whose construction effort will outlast all humanity-created concepts of space, time and infinity. That's 808 Columbus, folks: Still tall as a mofo. [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOWER MANHATTAN?Would you believe that the same tipster also alerts us to the latest down at demolished landmark/non-landmark 213 Pearl Street? (Dude gets around.) The rubble-strewn lot seemed destined for parking, and kaboom: "213 Pearl street (the Lam Group's hotel not-to-be) is busy being converted to a parking lot. They've pushed all the debris from building 211 Pearl to the edges and are using the pieces of 213-215 Pearl that were saved for historic value as borders for the lot. They also dropped a portable parking attendant booth on site." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LINCOLN CENTER?The question of whether Fordham University's Upper West Side neighbors would be pleased about the adjustments to the school's expansion plan has been answered: Not quite. Opposition group Fordham Neighbors United has issued a statement calling for more changes to the proposal.

Today's announcement, while a step in the right direction, fails to adequately address the valid concerns our community has about the massive scale of Fordham's proposal and the impact it will have on our neighborhood. Borough President Stinger and his staff have worked tirelessly to protect the interests of our community and we are incredibly grateful for their advocacy on our behalf. But the fight over Fordham's fortress is far from over. Fordham Neighbors United will not rest until additional modifications are made to address the overwhelming density of the proposal and the tremendous strain it will put on our local infrastructure.

213 Pearl Street

213 Pearl Street, New York, NY

Columbus Square

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