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Inside Harlem's Crumbling Renaissance Ballroom

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[Photos courtesy Nathan Kensinger Photography]

Some end-of-day apocalyptic destructoporn? Heck, why not? Photographer/urban explorer Nathan Kensinger recently aimed his lens on Harlem's Renaissance Ballroom & Casino at Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and 138th Street. The block-long complex, built in the early '20s and used as a party hall, movie theater, basketball gym and more, has been shuttered since 1979. Though the building has flirted with landmark status, it will eventually be cleared by its current owner, nonprofit housing group the Abyssinian Development Corporation. The photographer has graciously allowed us to share some of his looks inside the ballrom, but do click through to Nathan Kensinger's site for more photos of the grounds.
· The Renaissance Ballroom & Casino [NKP]

adam clayton powell jr. boulevard and west 138th street, new york, ny