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Development Du Jour: Cassa NY (fka 70 West 45th)

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Location: 70 West 45th Street (near Sixth Ave.)
Size: 59 apartments (unconfirmed), plus an unspecified number of hotel rooms
Prices: 40th Floor 2BR, $2.15 milion; 28th Floor 1BR, $1.028 million; smaller 28th Floor 1BR, $852,000.
Architect: TEN Arquitectos with Cetra/Ruddy
Developer: Assa Properties
Sales & Marketing: The Marketing Directors
Lowdown: Via three listings that just surfaced on StreetEasy, we've finally got a name to affix to the towering new development previously known by its address, 70 West 45th, and its fancy architectural pedigree (Enrique Norten's TEN Arquitectos with Cetra/Ruddy). That's now Cassa NY to you, grasshopper, rising 43 stories from a former low-rise site between Fifth and Sixth Avenues (though work may now be stopped after that little incident with the beam last week). While we've been distracted with other midtown towers, the crazy cats at Wired New York have been monitoring this one for awhile; construction's been well underway for over a year, and it doesn't look too far from topping off. As for the aesthetics, there's healthy debate over what form the facade will take: terra cotta? White aluminum? Leftover newsprint from the nearby New York Times HQ? Minimal details at Cassa's official website at this point; the small interior pics from StreetEasy look pretty generic. Your thoughts?

Cassa Hotel & Residence

70 W45th Street, New York, NY 10036