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Checking Up on 100 Church Street's Hand-Painted Face Lift

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Big and bulky 100 Church Street, one block north of the World Trade Center site, is getting brighter and whiter these days. The Sapir Organization, as part of a major modernization of the building, has hired a gang of artisans who are now hand-painting the exterior to give the facade the look of quarried stone. Each and every one of the thousands of panels covering the face of Emery Roth & Sons' 1958 office block are getting the multi-step treatment, taking them from tired blue to multi-veined faux marble.

The remaining blue brick is going granite, and the old windows are being replaced with sleek new panes. The face lift seems to be paying off, given the announcement of some big new leases in the slow-to-rent "wallflower" of a building. When complete the marbleization could be a nice counterpoint to all that Four Seasons limestone set to rise across at 99 Church. But that on-again, off-again 80-story tower now seems to be in the stall mode. Which, if nothing else, will leave a wide open vista for viewing this field of maybe-it's-marble across the way.
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100 Church Street

100 Church Street, New York, NY