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Greenpoint Building Morphs Into 'Luxe Guesthouse' Hostel?

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Stumbled across the website or Craigslist ads for the Luxe Guesthouse in Greenpoint? It's a new hostel advertising rates as low as $79/night for a private room (one-week stay required) and $225/week for a shared room ($198/week for students!). Oh, and it's almost certainly illegal, which is why the address is nowhere to be found on Luxe Guesthouse's website. But New York Shitty is on the case, ID'ing the building as 184 Eagle Street, which?according to DOB records?is a 24-unit residential building from the mind of architect Ramy Issac, who never met a building code he couldn't massage. The Craigslist ad linked to by NY Shitty has since been deleted by its author, so perhaps the Luxe Guesthouse is suddenly a bit shy.
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UPDATE: 184 Eagle owner Sam Fruchter responds that the Luxe Guesthouse operation was set up by a troublesome tenant, who has since been booted from the building. "We never had any kind of a hostel or any kind of club or illegal activity in the building," Fruchter tells us. "Now I have great tenants, and the C of O and everything is great."