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New LES Dorm FOR RENT, Education at No Additional Charge!

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Need a place to crash until the end of July? The School of Visual Arts' new 20-story dormitory at Ludlow and Delancey Streets?a building we're minorly obsessed with?is now available for short-term rentals. To the public! Yesterday, a handful of listings for 101 Ludlow Street / 98 Delancey Street popped up on StreetEasy, handled by Citi Habitats agent Steven Leon. Head on over to his broker page for the full interior reveal. It looks, uh, it looks...OK, it looks absolutely fucking miserable. But hey, it's a dorm, which brings us to the next part of this interesting tale.

The business plan makes sense: The building is done, the bills are due?why wait until the fall to fill it? The location is hip and the views must be killer, so clearly there's appeal, even if the place looks like a maximum-security prison. But is there a zoning issue with renting out the rooms to non-students? Maybe! BoweryBogie notes that listings have turned up on Craigslist as well, feautring this description:

This is the new SVA Residence Hall on Ludlow Street which offers 24 hour security at the door, free electric including a/c and heat, free Internet access, free cable, and free laundry. You will also be enrolled in a Continuing Ed class as part of the deal! Huge common kitchen and rec room!
A-ha, so the tenants will still be "students." Cute. Anyhoo, rents start at $1,600 per month. Break out the shower slippers!
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