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Battle of the PriceChoppers: Over $45 Million Saved!

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There is new intel on a pair of notable PriceChoppers, both sporting what may be top ten all-time price cuts. First, the biggie, as relayed by the Real Estalker: the $80 million 15 Central Park West penthouse, pulled off the market in October, has been re-listed for $47.5 million?an epic $32.5M fall. The sprawling 40th Floor condo was purchased by London-based investor Amit Ben-Haim for $21.5 million. Meanwhile, across the park, Braden Keil reports that scandal-tinged finance dude Marshall Cogan is listing his Fifth Avenue co-op for $25 million, a slight savings over the $40 million Cogan was asking for the place two months ago. "The market's even worse than we thought, or Cogan needs cash quick, or both," Keil writes. Utilizing a complicated scientific formula involving Google and the process of elimination, we've determined that a new $25.5 million listing at 810 Fifth Avenue is the Cogan PriceChopper. The play here is clear: buy both and use the savings to build a skybridge over Central Park.
· Listing: Major Penthouse at 15 Central Park West [BHS]
· Listing: 810 Fifth Avenue [BHS]

810 Fifth Avenue

810 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023