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Russian Goes From Plaza Plaintiff to Plaza Pitchman

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This morning, the Observer reported that Russian financier Andrei Vavilov?who sued to get out of his contract to purchase two Plaza penthouses for $53.5 million?purchased the smaller of the two apartments using his $10.7 million deposit. Now, that penthouse is already back on the market for $12.5 million. Five months ago, Vavilov (via his lawsuit) said the apartment "utterly fail[ed] to live up to the representations of El-Ad to Plaintiffs of superior condition, quality, and overall appearance." Now, per the listing, that same apartment is a "one of a kind" "spectacular duplex." Quite the transformation! No floorplan porn of the 20th-floor digs, but there is a small photo of the tiny windows that Vavilov claimed contributed to the "attic-like" feel of the space.
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