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Washington Square Park FenceGate: 'Spears' or 'Balls?'

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The new fence currently being installed inside Washington Square Park?second only to the moving of the Tisch Fountain as the most controversial element of the park's renovation?has already been outed as being far less friendly to sensitive Village folkies. And how! The new fence is a foot taller and topped with what the Washington Square Park Blog once referred to as "spears." Ouchies! But Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe took umbrage with that categorization, and responded to WSP: "Despite your assertion, the top of the fence has rounded balls, not 'spears,' as you put it. In any case, it was never intended that people would sit on top of the fence." That's right: no loitering in the, uh, park, please! But back to the topic at hand, they are kind of in some sort of spear/rounded ball middle ground, no?
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