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Curbed Inside: Thompson Hotels' Just-Opened Smyth Tribeca

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If there's one thing this city needs in these dark times, it's more boutique hotel rooms. Right? Right. And lo! Yesterday, the fine folks at Jason Pomeranc's Thompson Hotels opened the doors to their latest, the Smyth Tribeca at 85 West Broadway (at Chambers). We sent a special Curbed correspondent to the middle of the action, and present the above photogallery of the lobby areas. Sleek! Sexy! And, amazingly, sub-$200/night, at least for the moment.

Meantime, what of Smyth Upstairs, the 15 condo residences that were to crown the establishment (floorplan porn, above)? The official website is offline, and sales appear to be frozen after they recorded no closed deals. We spoke to a representative of the project today, though, who assures us that the condos will go back on the market soon—perhaps as soon as next month—once construction on the condos is complete. Pricing revamp from the initial $2,237/sqft average? We'd bet on it.
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